Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

To help you and save you time, we have compiled a list of questions and answers to our most frequently received inquiries about our luxury houseboat charter services. When you’re ready to book your charter, just fill out and submit this form on This Page, we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also reach us directly at (833) 554-2628.

Can We Rent The Houseboat Overnight?

In Lake Lanier, no company rents out houseboats overnight.

How Long Can I Rent The Boat?
The charter time is 5 hours, which includes 30 minutes for setup and guest boarding and another 30 minutes for unloading. If you require additional setup time, we offer the option of adding an hour of charter time for up to 10 people. For an additional fee, you can add an hour to the standard 5 hours.
What Does The First And Second Mate Do?

The crew on board is responsible for maintaining a safe vessel and ensuring everyone is safe. They are also responsible for ensuring that all rules are followed while on the boat.

What Does The Captain Do During The Event?
The captain greets the passengers and ensures their safety throughout the event. The captain is in charge of ensuring that all rules are followed throughout the event.
What Does The Staff On Board Do?
All cruises include a captain and crew for the cruise. The number of crew members is determined by the size of the boat and the number of people attending the event. The crew is there for safety and security purposes.
What Time Are The Rentals? Can I Pick A Time?

Standard Cruise Events & Times: Our cruises are 5 hours long, including a 30-minute load and 30 minutes of unloading and 4 hours on the boat. Day trips must end by 6:00 p.m., and night cruises must begin after 7:00 p.m. For an additional fee, we offer a 1-hour Pre-Load, which allows our customers to have ten people set up food, beverages, decorations, etc., before loading guests.

Do My Guests Sign A Liability Waiver?
In order to participate in this activity, each guest must sign a liability waiver stating that they understand they are waiving all liability against Lake Lanier Luxury Houseboat and Yacht Rentals, the owners of the houseboat yacht, the employees of Islands Entertainment (Margaritaville), and you (the person who contracted the cruise).We will inform them verbally when they sign up for the cruise, and it will be posted as they enter the houseboat yacht.
What Is The Cancellation Policy?
You must submit your cancellation request in writing to Lake Lanier Luxury Houseboat and Yacht Rental. This must be submitted via email, and receipt of said cancellation must be confirmed via email. If you cancel seven days or less before the event date, you forfeit all money paid and the event is not eligible for our rebooking policy. Failure to appear for an event without prior notification will result in the forfeiture of all monies received/paid, and the event will be ineligible for rebooking under the rebooking policy.
Are There Any Fees Outside Of The Boat Charges?
There is a fee to enter Lake Lanier Islands and get to Harbor Landing Marina. The fees may differ depending on the type of vehicle. The gate accepts credit cards or cash.
What Is The Max Number Of Guests Allowed?

The maximum number of guests is determined by the type of boat chosen for your event. Each boat has a different capacity.

Are Kids Counted Towards The Number Of Guests?
Anyone that boards the boat, not including the Captain and L3 staff is counted towards your number of guests.
Is There WiFi On Board?
There is only free wifi while at the dock. When you’re out on the water, you’ll only be able to connect to the internet if you have a personal hotspot.
Can I Bring Alcohol On The Boat?
Yes, but no alcohol sales are permitted. Only people over the legal age of 21 can consume alcohol. A bartender is required if you are under the age of 29.
Can We Have Fireworks?
No sparklers, fireworks, or open flames are permitted on board. The only sternos permitted are those that come with the chafing dishes.
How Bad Is Traffic Getting To The Boat?
Before leaving, please check traffic conditions for construction or accidents. If there are events on Lake Lanier Island, there may be a line to enter the gate.
What Happens If There Is Persistent Inclement Weather?
If any of the following conditions exist on the lake at the time of rental: heavy rain lasting more than 45 minutes, lightning, tornado warnings, high wind advisories, or any other condition that (L3) Lake Lanier Luxury Houseboat and Yacht Rentals or Islands Entertainment deems unsafe boating conditions, we will remain at the dock until it is safe to be on the water. We go rain or shine as long as the water is safe to be on. If it is unsafe to go out on the water, the boat remains docked, and the party continues at the dock. They will go out on the water if it is safe to do so at the time.
What Am I Responsible For Supplying For The Event?
Plates, cups, ice, utensils, linens, napkins, serving spoons/tongs for chafing dishes, sternos, a lighter to light the sternos, bottle openers, wine bottle corkscrew, can opener, or whatever else you require. Bring whatever you think you might need. It is better to have something and not need it than need something and not have it. It is preferable to have something and not require it than to require something and not possess it. If you forget them, we do not have them for sale on the boat.
Can Hookah Be Brought On The Boat?
Hookah is permitted on our boats, but you are responsible for bringing your hookah, and the maximum number allowed is 5. They have to be stable and not easy to knock over, and there has to be a screen over the coals. The fee is determined by L3 personnel designated in the hookah area. A fixed number of people are allowed in the area depending on the boat that is chartered.
How Far Is It From The Unloading Area To The Boat?
The unloading zone is located approximately one football field away from the boat dock. Depending on available parking, the top parking area is likely two or more football fields away.
How Do I Get My Stuff To The Boat?
If you have a collapsible wagon, bring it to get your items into the boat in less time. Wheelbarrows are available on the dock, but only on a first-come, first-served basis.
What Time Should My Guest Arrive For My Event?
Guests should arrive 30 minutes before the pre-decided time. Depending on your contracted time and whether you have a pre-load will determine when guests can arrive. Please check traffic and weather at Lake Lanier Islands events before leaving home. You get 4 hours on the boat out of your total contracted 5-hour time slot. You can add additional time on the water if approved by the captain and if time permits. The captain will let you know if there is an additional fee per hour for more time on the water. The captain will let you know if time permits to extend your cruise past your original ending time. Please arrive with guests 2 hours before the end of your cruise if you would like to extend.
Can I Show Up Prior To My Event To Load The Boat?
The earliest that you can arrive on the boat is 10 minutes before the event’s contracted time.
What Time Should I Arrive For My Cruise?
Start and End Time: Access to the boat will be granted per the contracted start and end time. This includes load, setup, breakdown, clean up, and unloading. Events start and end promptly at the time requested by the chartering party.
Where Is The Parking?
Harbor Landing Marina is the main parking or overflow parking lot across the street. You can park in the unloading area if you need to load or unload your food, beverages, decorations, etc. Please be aware that they will tow you if you leave your car here after you unload. After you are unloaded or loaded, please park in the main or overflow parking lot. Many people need to unload or load as well, so it gets congested at times. Also, make sure to avoid parking in the numbered parked spaces.
What Is The Rebooking Policy?
We accept your deposit and apply it to your final balance. When you are ready to reschedule, a Rebooking Fee will be applied to your final balance to get you back on the calendar. You have 12 months from the original event date to rebook.
After I Reserve Can I Cancel And Get A Refund?

Due to the nature of our business, the deposit is non-refundable but is transferable within 12 months should there be an emergency and a need to cancel.

How Do I Reserve A Boat?
Give us a call to reserve a boat. Once we’ve determined which boat would be best for your event and checked availability, the only way to reserve is to pay a deposit. You secure the date, time, and boat by paying the deposit.
Are Kids Counted Towards The Number Of Guests?
Anyone that boards the boat, not including the Captain and L3 staff is counted towards your number of guests.
Does The Caterer or Photographer Count As Guests?
Yes, anyone that boards the boats is counted towards the number of guests.
What Should I Wear?
Dress appropriately for the occasion, and keep the start time and daily weather forecast in mind. For the sake of safety and preventing floor damage, high heels are not permitted on the houseboats. Wedges and heels thicker than 1.5 inches, as well as all flats, are permitted. We want everyone to have a good time, but we also want them to be safe, and we must keep in mind that we are on a boat.
Can I Bring My Own Food?
You are welcome to bring your food or hire a caterer. There is no cooking permitted on the boats. Items that must be plugged in are not permitted. Hot plates, crock pots, fondue, butane burners, heat lamps, coffee makers, teapots, margarita mixers, and blenders are not permitted. Please contact your booking agent if you want to bring something but are unsure if it is permitted. If the caterer wishes to contact us, they may do so by phone or email.
When Should I Break Down My Food, DJ, And Bar?
All boats dock 30 minutes before the end of the contracted time. It takes 25-30 minutes to get everyone and everything from the event off the boat. Food has to be wrapped 30 minutes before docking. When approaching the buoys that mark the entrance to the cove, the bartender should begin the breakdown process. As the boat passes the buoys and turns down, the DJ must announce the final song. When docked, the music should stop. Having the food, bar, and music end at these times will help you leave the boat on time.
Does The Boat Leave The Dock?
In most cases, yes; however, “dock only” events are available at a discount. Ask your booking agent if you are interested in having a “dock only” event.
Do You Provide Life Jackets?
Yes, all charters are equipped with enough life jackets for all guests. We observe all safety regulations provided by state laws.
Can We Use The Appliances On The Boat?
The refrigerator, microwave, stove, and cabinets on all boats are not to be used due to liability concerns. What you bring on the boat is what you use on the boat. If you bring food, there are two folding tables available for your use. Buffet-style food can be kept warm by using chafing dishes and sternos that you bring with you.
Is There A Smoking Area On The Boat?
We encourage a smoke-free environment on our boat, and smoking is prohibited except in designated areas. The smoking area access requires an additional fee, and is for cigarettes and cigars only. There is no smoking of marijuana on the boat. Even though Delta-8 is legal in the state of Georgia, it is not permitted on the boat.